Love Costs Money

Love Costs Money The author is a Russian-American woman who works and lives in Beijing Most societies that I have encountered in my lifetime would almost certainly accept the following famously clichéd quote, “Money can’t buy love.” Most people think of marriage as a sacred love contract, and in modern East and West European, North and South American societies, individuals simply do not wish to settle for a loveless life-long partnership. We are about to discuss the kind of love that one feels towards a Read more [...] Read More

Learnings from Naxi friends

Learnings from Naxi friends Sifting through the moments in China, I see a beautiful gem appear as I remember the precious time spent with a Naxi friend and her family in Lijiang, Yunnan. Walking to their home was a breathe of sweet, fresh mountain air, different from the smoggy thickness of some of the cities that I had spent time in in the East. Their home was surrounded by a verdant isle of green and the occasional grazing pony. Embraced also by the majestic mountains standing tall like noble guards around a fortress, within Read more [...] Read More

Guangzhou Goaling for Glory

Guangzhou Goaling for Glory After annihilating Japanese contenders Kashiwa 8-1 on aggregate, Guangzhou Evergrande FC are on the brink of completing an historic treble; the Chinese Super League (CSL), the domestic FA Cup and the Asian Champions League (ACL). The club from Canton has sewn up the CSL with four games to spare. Beijing Guo’an FC await Guangzhou in the FA Cup semi-final; and no-one gives the capital club a chance.  Domestic champions themselves two years ago, they are no match for the Evergrande juggernaut, Read more [...] Read More

Chinese Children Under Pressure

Chinese Children Under Pressure Children in China are under immense pressure to succeed today. When examining the pressure placed on this generation of youngsters we discover the adverse effects which take place later in life. This raises the question of what kind of pressure should be exerted on children. Most kids take the least path of resistance, be it video games or watching TV, but parents have a base level of expectations for what children should achieve upon reaching adulthood. However, Chinese parents hoist far more pressure Read more [...] Read More

Fart-Time Teaching

Fart-Time Teaching

Whilst browsing through job adverts on, we came across this offer of a ‘fart-time’ job!

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