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Chinese Children Under Pressure

Chinese Children Under Pressure Children in China are under immense pressure to succeed today. When examining the pressure placed on this generation of youngsters we discover the adverse effects which take place later in life. This raises the question of what kind of pressure should be exerted on children. Most kids take the least path of resistance, be it video games or watching TV, but parents have a base level of expectations for what children should achieve upon reaching adulthood. However, Chinese parents hoist far more pressure Read more [...] Read More

Chinese Corruption vs US Corruption

Chinese Corruption vs US Corruption   Not a day goes by when the New York Times or Wall Street journal makes another claim to the ingrained corruption and nepotism that plagues Chinese Society and political dialogue, citing purged officials and an angry Chinese public whose growing demands for accountability and truthfulness are not being met. The similarly styled articles are printed every week by our most highly regarded sources of investigative journalism to a nauseating degree, so much that we now ignore these articles as Read more [...] Read More