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Ramblin Mik has Moved!

Ramblin Mik has Moved!

Dear all, has now joined forces with our good friends at West Points East!  All our latest posts will be on there  Please go to for more interesting stories and China info!

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Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube returning to the mainland

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube returning to the mainland   Since mid-2009, following riots in Xinjiang, the Chinese authorities have blocked Facebook, Twitter and Youtube in mainland China, claiming that they were the medium through which the riots were organised. Computer-savvy expats have long been using VPNs to access their favourite censored content, however, soon some of them won’t need to any more. According to The South China Morning Post, many censored sites such as Facebook will be accessible within a newly planned Free Trade Zone Read more [...] Read More

Cheater Cheater

Cheater Cheater Everybody knows that exam time in China puts huge pressures on the students to excel. A fail can mean a difference in working a low wage menial job, or excelling to the top ranks in the developed cities and making a fortune. Therefore it is not surprising that many Chinese students are becoming cheaters in order to pass their exams. And their ways of cheating are getting more and more innovative. Historically, cheating is no new thing to China. Exams have always been an important part of Chinese Read more [...] Read More

Chinese Visa Regulations Latest

Chinese Visa Regulations Latest Chinese visa problems are a constant thorn in the side of the foreign community living in China. Over the past couple of months the Chinese government has announced rather drastic changes to Chinese visa regulations which has thrown up huge problems for China’s expat community. Hundreds of foreigners who have been living in China for years without any many problems have been forced to up-stakes and leave the country which they had made their home, and tales are emerging of mainland expats being Read more [...] Read More

The Dali Street Seller Crackdown

The Dali Street Seller Crackdown Anyone who has been in Dali over the past few weeks may have noticed an abnormally high amount of ‘Chengguan’ patrolling the streets. They are looking for street vendors, selling handicrafts of all shapes and sizes in a recent crackdown attempting to clear the streets. Anyone who has been down RenMinLu or ‘taobao lane’ (after the popular ebay-style online market) as it has been dubbed by many locals will easily be able to understand the reasoning behind this. Having to mill through crowds Read more [...] Read More