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Love Costs Money

Love Costs Money The author is a Russian-American woman who works and lives in Beijing Most societies that I have encountered in my lifetime would almost certainly accept the following famously clichéd quote, “Money can’t buy love.” Most people think of marriage as a sacred love contract, and in modern East and West European, North and South American societies, individuals simply do not wish to settle for a loveless life-long partnership. We are about to discuss the kind of love that one feels towards a Read more [...] Read More

Guangzhou Goaling for Glory

Guangzhou Goaling for Glory After annihilating Japanese contenders Kashiwa 8-1 on aggregate, Guangzhou Evergrande FC are on the brink of completing an historic treble; the Chinese Super League (CSL), the domestic FA Cup and the Asian Champions League (ACL). The club from Canton has sewn up the CSL with four games to spare. Beijing Guo’an FC await Guangzhou in the FA Cup semi-final; and no-one gives the capital club a chance.  Domestic champions themselves two years ago, they are no match for the Evergrande juggernaut, Read more [...] Read More

Fart-Time Teaching

Fart-Time Teaching

Whilst browsing through job adverts on, we came across this offer of a ‘fart-time’ job!

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To Pee or Not To Pee?

To Pee or Not To Pee? Babies and toddlers in China don't wear nappies because they are 'uncomfortable' and 'mafan'. Not to mention an 'unnecessary expense'. Having witnessed it, we know that adults are happy to lift up a child from behind, gripping the back of its thighs, and allow it to urinate (or worse) in full and clear view of passers by in public places such as parks or pavements. Underwear doesn't have to be removed because there isn't any. Just a rudimentary hole cut out of the child's lower-body wear. As strange Read more [...] Read More

The Problem with Helping in China

The Problem with Helping in China Those of us who have spent time in China have all encountered situations where we are left scratching our heads in disbelief. No instance more so than the sight of a citizen in distress, surrounded by a sea of public common indifference. Those of us who have taken in the nightspots of China have probably witnessed alcohol-induced physical confrontations between natives. Of course, bar districts of the world suffer more or less the same problems; this in itself is not exclusive to China. The Read more [...] Read More