Eastern Promises

Eastern Promises


“Jake Farrell has decided to up sticks and head to China to teach English and coach a kids’ football team. After all, how difficult can it be?”


The Football Ramble



  1. What are the most popular sports in China? Would football be amongst the top 3?

  2. Tom

    I’d say the three most popular sports (amongst younger people) in China are:

    1: Basketball
    2: Badminton
    3: Ping pong

    Football really isn’t on the map at all. Maybe Shanghai Shenhua’s signing of Drogba will change this? He has scored 7 goals in 10 games so far. Anelka, on the other hand, has 3 in 22 games – so his signing hasn’t changed anything.

    Young and old alike seem to love badminton. You can always see street-side games of badminton, even with no net. Grandchildren with Grandparents a lot of the time.

    Ping pong, the stereotypical Chinese game, is harder to see. Without a table, the game can’t be played. But everytime I get to play with a Chinese person, I get whooped. They do love it, it’s not a myth, and somewhere, a place I don’t know…they practice and practice and practice.

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