Only in China…

Here are some links to videos being watched across China right now.  See what the Chinese “netizens” make of it all…

Touching stories:

Like eating cats?  Watch this.  Don’t like eating cats? Watch this.

The “fur child”.  Follow this child’s quest to remove copious amounts of hair from her body. Touched?  Put your hand in your pocket and donate!

Sad tale of the reality of many rural women…in stark contrast to the “booming economy” and “great strides forward” China is supposedly making.


Go Hong Kong! They still love us…

A rare tale of justice being done in China…unmissable fly kick.

Foreign national killed in police custody…”natural causes”…yeah right.

First and foremost – don’t be a pervert.  Secondly – don’t be a pervert in China – or you getting your ass served to you will be all over the internet.

Oh…the contradictions of China…I suppose the only lesson here is: Don’t be a good citizen in China – unless you want your ass served to you all over the internet.

Would this happen in the west?  Go Chinese old people!  And young people!

Caught in the act:


I’m sure many teachers out there want to hit their students from time to time.  But to actually do it…

Congratulations, idiot.  Chinese man beats up Chinese man because he drives a Japanese car.  Now he’s in jail.

This man did nothing to improve China-Japan relations…

Don’t send your kids to school in China!




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