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The Dali Street Seller Crackdown

The Dali Street Seller Crackdown Anyone who has been in Dali over the past few weeks may have noticed an abnormally high amount of ‘Chengguan’ patrolling the streets. They are looking for street vendors, selling handicrafts of all shapes and sizes in a recent crackdown attempting to clear the streets. Anyone who has been down RenMinLu or ‘taobao lane’ (after the popular ebay-style online market) as it has been dubbed by many locals will easily be able to understand the reasoning behind this. Having to mill through crowds Read more [...] Read More

Dali – A Paradise Lost?

Dali – A Paradise Lost? When I first arrived in Dali ancient town, Yunnan province, Southwest China, it was generally quite a quiet place. There were many Chinese tourists but relatively few foreigners. Days were spent lounging around sipping Dali beer, chatting with the friendly locals in the sunshine. If one wanted to explore there were always cheap bikes for rent which you could take down to ErHai lake, or you could head up to the mountain. I remember one of the first sights I saw after I had arrived, was a local policeman walking down the road, a flower in his hand instead of the usual clipboard. It was a kind of paradise, seemingly untouched by the heavy hand of the Chinese authorities. That was in early 2008 Read more [...] Read More