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Heading south to discover the simple life

Heading south to discover the simple life As another drunken reveler staggered out of a bar in northwest Beijing's student hub of Wudaokou and emptied the contents of her stomach in front of me, I wondered whether standing outside 7/11 at 2 am drinking beer with foreign students was how I wanted to spend my time in China. Moments later, a bottle flew past my head and into somebody else's face. Now, I was sure that standing outside 7/11 at 2 am wasn't what I wanted to do. Aside from partying, there are hundreds of things to do in Beijing Read more [...] Read More

The Bandit Train

The Bandit Train In 2009 after a good friend of ours in England sadly passed away, I decided to go and visit my friend who was living and teaching English in Xichang, Sichuan Province. I hardly knew anything about the place, except for my friends descriptions of it being completely different to Beijing and a lot more lawless and wild. So, the next day I packed my bag with a few clothes, my passport and phone charger and headed down to Beijing West train station to buy a ticket and get on the next train down Xichang. After about 20 minutes of trying to explain to an attendant that I was trying to get to 'Xichang' and that I wasn't just pronouncing the word 'Sichuan' in a funny way, he led me through a door and down in to the depths of the station. Beijing West is an absolutely huge station and after about 3 minutes of walking down semi-lit small corridors I realized that this place was not the normal place where people would go Read more [...] Read More