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Deepest Yunnan to downtown Hong Kong

Deepest Yunnan to downtown Hong Kong ...and back – by train The prospect of spending 80 hours on six trains with only a solitary day of respite sandwiched in between didn’t fill me with joy.  Direct flights between Lijiang and Hong Kong are costly and only operate once a week.  I’d taken many a wearisome train journey in China but this trip promised to be at least as tiring. The voyage began with me waving goodbye to my girlfriend from the window of a taxi that would take me from Heilongtan to the train station.  It was Read more [...] Read More

Dali – A Paradise Lost?

Dali – A Paradise Lost? When I first arrived in Dali ancient town, Yunnan province, Southwest China, it was generally quite a quiet place. There were many Chinese tourists but relatively few foreigners. Days were spent lounging around sipping Dali beer, chatting with the friendly locals in the sunshine. If one wanted to explore there were always cheap bikes for rent which you could take down to ErHai lake, or you could head up to the mountain. I remember one of the first sights I saw after I had arrived, was a local policeman walking down the road, a flower in his hand instead of the usual clipboard. It was a kind of paradise, seemingly untouched by the heavy hand of the Chinese authorities. That was in early 2008 Read more [...] Read More