Ramblin Mik has Moved!

Ramblin Mik has Moved!

Dear all,

Ramblinmik.com has now joined forces with our good friends at West Points East!  All our latest posts will be on there  Please go to www.westpointseast.com for more interesting stories and China info!

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Learnings from Naxi friends

Learnings from Naxi friends Sifting through the moments in China, I see a beautiful gem appear as I remember the precious time spent with a Naxi friend and her family in Lijiang, Yunnan. Walking to their home was a breathe of sweet, fresh mountain air, different from the smoggy thickness of some of the cities that I had spent time in in the East. Their home was surrounded by a verdant isle of green and the occasional grazing pony. Embraced also by the majestic mountains standing tall like noble guards around a fortress, within Read more [...] Read More

Seeing India the Flashy way

Seeing India the Flashy way Having travelled a lot in China, when I stepped off the plane in to India, I had a vague idea of what to expect. Unofficial taxi drivers crowding around intimidated foreigners, dirt and dust and car horns. Having arranged to meet my friend at the airport I knew that I would be able to avoid most of this. Maybe he would come in a taxi to meet me, maybe he would somehow arrange a private car, but what I didn't expect as he beckoned me past the Read more [...] Read More

The Bandit Train

The Bandit Train In 2009 after a good friend of ours in England sadly passed away, I decided to go and visit my friend who was living and teaching English in Xichang, Sichuan Province. I hardly knew anything about the place, except for my friends descriptions of it being completely different to Beijing and a lot more lawless and wild. So, the next day I packed my bag with a few clothes, my passport and phone charger and headed down to Beijing West train station to buy a ticket and get on the next train down Xichang. After about 20 minutes of trying to explain to an attendant that I was trying to get to 'Xichang' and that I wasn't just pronouncing the word 'Sichuan' in a funny way, he led me through a door and down in to the depths of the station. Beijing West is an absolutely huge station and after about 3 minutes of walking down semi-lit small corridors I realized that this place was not the normal place where people would go Read more [...] Read More